Athena Cykes is a free-spirited girl, with a secret love of the paranormal. She is largely hinted to be the second "Ayumi".

Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Athena is an excitable girl with a strong devotion to her friends. She's willing to go to extreme lengths to protect them, even if it kills her. However, she does have a secret, darker side, which she calls her "other half". This side of her is ruthless and psychopathic and some state that it resembles Sachiko Shinozaki. Athena tries to suppress her darker side, but when she fails to, she's nearly constantly trying to pull it back in.

Abilities Edit

Both Sides Edit

  • The faint ability to detect lies in what someone is saying.
  • Slightly enhanced hearing.
  • Telepathy.

Good Side Edit

  • The slight ability to sense others' emotions, based on what they're saying.
  • She can faintly detect when someone is in love, without needing to hear them speak.
  • Teleportation.

Dark Side Edit

  • The ability to fly, and rather quickly at that.
  • "Dark" Athena can choose to radiate an aura, causing illness to those around her. However, she can only hold up the aura for 5 minutes, if she's lucky.
  • Increased agility.

Relationships Edit

Good Friends Edit

Maya Fey

Rebun (Crush, but she holds her feelings in.) ((Sorry, Rebun xD Love ya!))



Friends Edit


Big Smiles

Red Longs

Dislikes Edit

Sachiko Shinozaki

Her Dark Side

Anyone who dislikes/hurts her friends

Trivia Edit

  • Athena is originally from the Ace Attorney series.
  • As her quote states, she points lies out with "Objection!"
  • She loves cats.