Roland D. LeBay is the original owner of Christine and currently deceased, he possesses Arnie, and it's presumed he's the one haunting Christine.

Appearance (Spirit) Edit

LeBay seems to lack eyes, and almost looks like a skeleton, except for some chunks of skin and hair left, like a rottening corpse. He wears an old 50's Army uniform, that seems to be ripped and dirty.

Personality Edit

LeBay is always angry and furious, and has a grudge towards the people that tortured him or torture Arnie , refering to them as "Shitters" and thinks that they all should die. He drives Christine in order to kill them.

Abilities Edit

Can drive Christine

Can make himself visible or invisible to others.

Can try to kill everyone inside Christine if Arnie's too pissed.

Can possess Arnie, but not while he's driving Christine.

He can still talk and able to pass trough solid objects, while also hovering.

Trivia Edit

Roland D LeBay apparently died from getting his eyes injected in blood from what appeared to be a hit, and was found dead the day after someone broke one of Christine's lights.

LeBay will normally change the Radio station in Christine to 50's music.

He served in the Army for a long time, but quitted after a joke the other soldiers did involving Christine.