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Arnold Cunningham (Mostly known as "Arnie") Is a 17-year old boy.

Appearance Edit

Arnie has black medium-short hair, not arranged in any way. He is pretty pale and thin, and doesn't have any muscles on his arms. He also has eye bags due to not sleeping too much. His clothes vary. He also may look older when he gets too deffensive or agressive, up to 20 years older.


Arnie is humourless and can also be cruel to people, but he can be happy sometimes and show brief affection to people. He is obsessed with his car (Check "Christine " below) and treats "Her" as a real girl, and will do anything for her sake and protection. He mostly talks in a passive-agressive way, and can get really deffensive. If he lacks confidence he can put his hand on his car to regain it.


When Arnie gets too mentally weak, Roland D. LeBay's ghost will take the opportunity and posses Arnie. During this state he will look even more older, and rarely, a rotting LeBay corpse will be seen instead of Arnie.

He also will get colder and more agressive, although luckily, this state doesn't last long.

Check LeBay's page for more information


Can Drive Cars like a professional, but he express hate towards other cars that aren't Christine.

He can also repair cars and similar mechanisms, although he does it reluctantly, unless it's Christine or something that isn't a car.

He can gain enhanced speed, strenght, and reflexes when he needs to protect Christine or someone close to him.


He is taken from the book "Christine" by "Stephen King"

Christine is the only one who lets her ride her.

In this Alternate Universe, Arnie successfully killed his friends and survived the process, and although he feels remorse and guilt, he is still decided to not get rid of Christine.


Christine is a Red and White Haunted 1958 Plymouth Fury  


Although Christine doesn't have a complex personality, she remembers and hates the people who torture(d) Arnie, and always tries to protect him. She can also feel jealousy for people that Arnie loves or has close.


Can drive herself.

Can pass bad luck to people inside her, trying to kill them if they anger her.

Can repair herself, but slowly and not completely.

Other specifications:

  • Christine has a top speed of 118 mph
  • She can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9.6 seconds and can cover a 1/4 mile in aprox 15 seconds


Christine was also supossed to die crushed, but since in this Alternate Universe Arnie wins, she isn't destroyed.

Christine originally could repair herself really fast and completely, but since that would be too Overpowered, i decided it to tone it down.

It is heavily implied that Roland D LeBay is the one making the car move, so while Christine drives herself, Arnie can't get possesed by LeBay.