In the comment section of this page you may write what position of staff you want and reasons why you want the position.

Requesting is closed at the moment, this message will be removed when it's open.


Chat Mod/Thread Moderator

  • Has at least 20 edits.
  • Is trusted by staff.
  • Has never been kicked/banned from chat or blocked.
  • Has encouraged other users not to break the rules.
  • Hasn't ever broken the rules.
  • Has been respectful and polite in Chat
  • Has been on the Wikia for two weeks, without being inactive


  • Is greatly trusted by staff.
  • Has at least 100 edits.
  • Hasn't ever broken the rules.
  • Has never been banned, kicked, or blocked.
  • Has helped users oftenly
  • Has been on the Wikia for a month, without being inactive

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