Alpha Wolf is a character created by Kingfireblast. "Wolves Not Far."

Information Edit

Alpha Wolf is not an actual wolf, but instead just calls himself a wolf and believes wolves are superior to humans. Alpha Wolf is cruel and kills most people he meets always leaving a sign near them saying "Wolves Not Far." Once Alpha Wolf does kill someone he decapitates them and puts their head on a wooden stake, said stake usually marking territory of The Wolves. Alpha Wolf is not the only human believing wolves are superior to humans as there is a whole group of them, Alpha being their leader.

Appearance Edit

Alpha Wolf is a human with long hair, he wears a shirt with a W on it which most likely stands for "Wolves", he also wears all dark clothing.

Alpha also has two knives and a bow and arrow.

Abilities Edit

Alpha Wolf can call wolves using a whistle. Once used, the whistle can attract up to 5 wolves who will attack any enemies in the area.

Trivia Edit

Alpha only eats meat.

Alpha usually only comes out at night or dusk.

Alpha tends to stick alone, but if needed he goes out with 1 to 3 members of The Wolves.

Alpha isn't a very good shot with a bow and arrow and tends to stick with his knives.