Allan is Rebun's ex-Psychologist and a good friend of him, joins him whether to replace him or when he's bored.

Appearance Edit

Allan has black hair, with an army-styled haircut, and wears a white shirt, with a brown leather jacket, most of the time. He also wears some slim fit black pants and some dark brown Perf Toe Balmorals (Shoes, fancy shoes).

Abilities Edit

Allan is really smart, and from his Psychology knowledges, he can detect problems in people or tell if they're lying.

Has a bit of physical condition, but cannot endure for too much, does know some combat from practicing with Rebun.

Has Medical emergency protocol knowledge.

Personality Edit

He's a calm person, rather patient, and doesn't seem to be surprised by any turn of events, although he might show fear. Can understand how other people feel and tries to do his best to make them not feel bad.

Trivia Edit

Despite being good friends, the reason of him being Rebun's "Ex"-Psychologist is unknown

Allan Emeter is Rebun's (User) Pseudonym