One of the few members of The Cult of Tainted Light. Being the Titan, Alex is the tank.

"If anyone gets in my way, they're getting my shoulder or my fist..." ~ Before a PvP Match

Appearance Edit

Photo of Alex to the right.

He almost never takes his helmet off.

His face is not going to be told yet...

Personality Edit

Quick to anger. Has a short temper. Doesn't really enjoy working with others that he doesn't know showing in the Crucible, he hates random people he is matched with that mess up everything. Other wise, He's chill with people he knows

Abilities Edit

Fist of Havoc- The ability allows players to jump up and, upon landing, release a field of electric-blue arc energy over a set radius, heavily damaging any enemies within.

Fist of Havoc Modifier -Death from Above: After jumping, Fist of Havoc can be aimed at enemies below.

Ward of Dawn- A bubble shield that cannot be broken with low level weapons. Can protect the ones Alex puts the shield around.

Hammer of Sol- Summons a flaming Hammer at will, and can throw 5-10 depending on his life force. Explodes on impact.

Weapons Edit

Eyasluna- A Legendary Hand-Cannon earned in the Crucible with explosive rounds everytime he shoots.

Zen Meteor- A powerful Sniper that comes with a perk called Dynamite. The Sniper has explosive rounds in every bullet and clip that is loaded into the gun. When the Perk is active, the front, or barrel, to the body of the gun catches fire until he fires the finally round. It's a dead give-a-away when his is low on ammo.

Bolt Caster-A lighting sword. Same with the Raze-Lighter and the Dark Drinker, it's becomes more powerful, the more danger the user is in. But, it's takes a huge amount of energy when the user is using their emotions. It shoots Lighting Disks from the sword, but using the user's energy

Triva Edit

  • Enjoys being by himself
  • Works alone from time to time
  • Isn't very understanding.