Aki is a not so ordinary highschooler, but the school she attends is unknown.

Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Sane Edit

Aki is a bright and cheerful girl, with a slightly yandere heart. She's deeply devoted to her friends and family, including her twin brother, Akito. (Not really her twin brother, he's part of her mind) She's a skilled fighter, and aims her attacks carefully.

After freeing Rebun from Sachiko's grip, she's been attempting to cheer him up again, while also trying not to be possessed herself.

Insane/Berserk Edit

Aki has lost her mind, and will attack anyone. Her attacks have little aim, and are brutal when they hit. Her "yandere-ness" has reached its peak, and anyone who even talks to her brother will be brutally murdered. (Again, Akito only exists in her mind.)

Abilities Edit

Sane State Edit

  • Spying on people easily.
  • Good aim with a baseball bat or gun.
  • Remaining stoic in traumatic situations.
  • Seeing in the dark.

Insane State Edit

  • Sensing Akito from miles away.
  • Radiating hatred, striking fear into weak opponents.
  • Red eyes glow, allowing her to see in the dark.

Weapons Edit

  • Baseball bat (Made out of steel).
  • A small handgun, which she keeps in her pocket.

Akito Edit

Akito is the representation of Aki's desires to have a brother. Despite what she may say to anyone, Akito only exists in her mind. He can, however, speak to her like Mind does to Rebun. His personality is basically Aki's sane personality.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite ghost story is Bloody Mary.
  • She tends to hit people that annoy her with her baseball bat.
  • Aki may not be human.