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How 2-D became who he is Edit

Well, Stu-pot was born in england, like a normal kid, Brown hair and normal eyes. When he grew up he was a keyboard salesman at a music shop, until a person named Murdoc ran into the store and robbed it with his chums to make a band called "Gorillaz" Stu-pot ran into hiding until One of Murdoc's chums fired at the ceiling above Stu-pot, the piece of ceiling fell on his head, causing Stu-pot to come into a coma, Get a Dent in his head and Fracture one of his eyes. A few days later Murdoc was charged to 1,000,000,000 hours to community service and taking care of Stu-pot. While Murdoc was was driving down a parking lot with Stu-pot, Murdoc had seen some ladies that he wanted to impress with some donuts, while Murdoc was doing those donuts, Stu-pot flung out the car, Hitting his head on the hood making another dent in his head, and fracturing his other eye. 2-D stood up from the ground looking like a zombie and has gained sexy blue hair, Murdoc invisioned 2-D as the pretty boy singer for the Gorillaz, so after 2-D's surgery where he got a blank sheet of paper replaced with his brain, Murdoc taught him to sing and play instruments. Due to the fact that 2-D had two dents in his head, Murdoc named him 2-D.

Personality Edit

Usually he's calm and chill singing, or humming, or whisling songs that he and the band has made. and he is a lovable idiot. x3

Trivia Edit