Hey, i noticed how we waste an hour thinking of RP plots for Chat, so i actually made some here.

You can also post your plots here.

Note: Do mind these plots may be a little bit cliche, but what can i do?

Test subjects

Cliche: ****

Our characters wake up in a place where they are forced to use their abilities until the max.


Cliche: ** , but too original.

Our characters are called because they found a murder (or a crime) that in a way it relates to us, we must find why, and who is the perpetrator

Protect the briefcase!

Cliche: *

Our characters need to protect a really powerful and destructive gun, but one of our characters has different plans for that gun....

Unknown Attacks

Cliche: **

Our characters are being attacked, but we don't know why, we must find why are they attacking us, and stop the attacks before they grow in mass.

Mini RP Plot, for fun

Our characters are in some sort of olympic games, and use all the abilites they have to win the games, even if it includes cheating, or playing dishonest in a way.

Also, rate this RP Plots.