Hello guys.

As you know, this Wikia is brand new, so i would like your opinion in this.

First, the color scheme.

Yeah, yeah, it may look bad, i know. So? Then what's your big idea on this? Tell me something!

Second, the logo.

Looking at DB's idea, it looks good to photoshop our characters together in the logo, but if you have any ideas...

Third, categories.

Should i add or remove categories in this Wikia? if so, what ones?

Fourth, tabs, main navigation.

Look at the main navigation tab, is it good? Anything else that you would like to be added? no? Okay.

Fifth, Main Page.

Yeah, it needs a lot of content.

DB suggested me that i add music, but i don't know, should i? What music?

Yeah, that's all, just want your input on this.